One day I really want to go to some of my favorite bands concerts. This includes The All-American Rejects, Linkin Park, Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, Green Day, and more. I think it would be so much fun to see a band that I really really like in concert… not that I don’t/didn’t like Van Halen, U2, Trans Siberian Orchestra, and Rush but…. yeah. I think if I on;y had to choose one band to see I would definitely choose The All-American Rejects because I love them so much and I know pretty much all the words to all their songs.

Who would you want to see?





One of my dreams is to be able to draw because I can’t. It’s kind of a weird one, but it’s still a dream of mine. I think along with drawing I’d like to be able to make pottery and blow glass and paint and scrapbook and more and more and more…. I guess in short I dream to be crafty or creative or both. I wish I could just sit around and be crafty all the time, but I think when I wouldn’t know where to start because I’m really not that creative, but maybe one day… One day I’ll do something crafty….


Save the Words

This isn’t a dream of mine but I thought that this was really cool. It’s this website with a bunch of words that aren’t used or are “lost” and you can look about them and learn what they mean and even adopt them. Yes! You can apparently adopt words! By adopting one of these words you pledge to use the word in conversation as much as possible. I thought that was interesting, so yeah…


Crazy Hair!

On the idea of things I want to do I have this desire to do my hair in really cool ways. I think this stemmed from how I just recently learned to braid and subsequently I now just really want to play with hair and make cool shapes out of it and such. My list of things that I want to do with my hair definitely begins learning how to do a waterfall braid.. I think that I’m really close, but I’m probably not.

In addition to learning cool things to do with hair, I really want to learn how to do really cool looking things with makeup… particularly eye makeup. I think it’s interesting how different some can look when they have makeup on.

Well, anyway, some inspiration for this one can be found:

Dreams and Cupcakes

Ok. So I’m planning on posting my final intermediate photography project soon but seeing as the end of the year has brought extreme laziness and dismotivation (thats not even a word, it is? Demotivation! That’s what I meant) and all of the files are saved as photoshop documents… It’ll probably be a few days.

In other news, I’ve found that I have this odd desire to obtain a crap load of cupcake recipes and spend months making a different recipe every week. I think that would a lot of fun especially since I love to bake, but never have the time. It’s probably not going to happen anytime in the near future, but that’s fine because it can go on my ‘bucket list’ or sorts. Maybe that’s what I’ll do! I think I’ll share some of things that I really want to do one day and some cool of the cool things that they were inspired by!!!

On that note the inspiration for this dream of mine came from:

🙂 B


I was browsing through the pictures that I have one my computer and I cam across some pictures I took while on a road trip with my grandma and my dad. I believe this is the one where we drove up to North Dakota and then around to Virginia in the summer of 2009… Ahh memories.

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