Documentary Week 1

So now that I’ve officially began my documentary project I’ve decided to share my favorites  (favorites because of how they look or the stories behind them [some will be slightly blurry, I would never actually use them but I still want to share them for the story]) from my first shoot. I had a lot of fun taking these and I’m really excited to progress with the project now that I know kind of what to expect. It was really awkward at first, but thankfully I got to start my shoot with Alex, Claudia, Roberto, Isaac, Angela, and Edgar [and Jaime for a little bit] (who’ll I’ll identify in the pictures) and they were surprisingly cool about it and they were really funny too. I’ve been told some cool stories so far and I’m really excited to be told more. So.. Enough Rambling! On to the Pictures! (lol)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pic 1: This is Jaime. She was trying to leave, but her last table decided to camp (stay for a an excruciating amount of time after eating)

Pic 2: (Left to Right) This is Isaac and Alex. They were trying to make gang signs because my dad asked them if they could.. both fail miserably.

Pic 3: This is Claudia. She was about to start her shift as a server (earlier in the day she’d been working with Caterings) and while standing in the back office she answered the phone.

Pic 4: (Left to Right) Here we have Isaac, Alex, Claudia, and my dad. They were talking at the bar.

Pic 5: (Left to Right) In the far back is Roberto, who was putting up the special board, and more to the front is Edgar, the new chef.

Pic 6: While taking pictures Roberto decided to show me how he the picture he took of people with his DS. At one point he was telling me that he really like pictures because he doesn’t have very many pictures of him as a kid, but he does have one and it’s his favorite picture. He was telling me that the picture he has is from the 70s and he was wearing bell-bottom jeans.

Pic 7: This is Alex and Claudia making fun of something isaac did.

Pic 8: Claudia was checking to see if the strawberries were good.

Pic 9: Isaac (right) was showing Edgar (left) how many reservations there were that night.

Pic 10: This is Sandy.

Pic 11: This is Alex checking the front of the house liquor inventory.

Pic 12: Isaac was taking care of a table.

Pic 13: Here is Alex checking the inventory again.


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