Sebastião Salgado

I think it’s interesting how Graciela Iturbide and Sebastião Salgado both didn’t start out as photographers, but rather circumstances made them into photographers. I think Salgado is especially interesting because he was an economist and got into photography so he could better show what he was talking about. I think it’s neat how he photographs causes that he cares about, and I think you can tell when people care about what they are photographing. I like the says that his photography isn’t a passion because passions are fleeting and photography for him is more like a way life. I really like how he says that he originally didn’t know what he wanted to photograph, I like how relatable that is. I like how he says that documentary photography links concepts of normal life, like how the difficult and easy parts of life have to be shown because it’s all part of life. I like how he thinks that documentary photography is all about showing someones existence to another.


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