Faces, and Voices, From Zuccotti Park

There is this interesting article. That has some very nice pictures of people participating in Occupy Wall Street. I really like this persons photographs because, well, I enjoy portraits and because I also enjoy portraits that play off of who the person is, so you have an idea about them even though you haven’t met them. I like that some of the pictures don’t looked posed and how there isn’t very much to see in the backgrounds of the images. I’m not completely sure why, but I really like the blue cast on the images; I like how the images focus on the face of the person with a tight crop. I think seeing all the completely different people who are working for, almost, the same thing is really interesting because they come from all different walks of life and cultures.  I really like the quotes under the images where the person is saying why they are at the protests.



When we finished our Album Cover project, I told my friend that if they had any ideas of album covers that they wanted me to do that I would for them. So my friend told me that he really wanted to do Kryptonite by Three Door Down. This is what we came up with (these have yet to be edited, I’ll try to post the edited ones soon)..

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Leafy Fun

The other day I had some fun in fall leaves with my friends. We had a leaf fight and one person made a leaf angel and we attempted to burry one person in the leaves… Well here are some of the pictures:

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Jealous, right?  hahaha