Picture Quotes

So I have this addiction to collecting picture with quotes on them from the internet. So far I have a whole folder full of pictures with quotes or just pictures I didn’t want to forget and such… I thought that I would share some websites with picture quotes and just some of my personal favorites that I’ve found…

“Inspiring Picture Quotes”

Walter Bagehot

Random One (it goes to a tumblr that has more if you click on the picture)

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 (I don’t own/haven’t made any of these)



I found some pictures of really cool sculptures made by this person named Yuki Matsuda. Yuki Matsuda He’s somewhat had to find online but I found an article There are many more 3D sculptures (I guess that’s what they would be called) on his website. So yeah…

On the topic of 3D, Stereoscopy is when you try to create the illusion of depth through two slightly different images being shown separately to the right and left eye.

And to go off of that here are some cool 3D sidewalk drawings


Mike Mitchell is an artist. He makes very cartoon and cartoon-like drawings. His work is on his website; I think his art is pretty funny and I really just have incredible respect for artists because I can’t draw at all…  Oh and he has a blog.

And because Mike Mitchell is an illustrator I decided that I would mention a blogger/comic drawer that I really really enjoy. His blog is called Books of Adam. The blog is by Adam Ellis; Adam is an illustrator who lives in Portland. He does his blog on the side and sell his drawings as t-shirts and prints and such.. His illustrations can be found on his illustration website. One of his blog posts thats really funny is about his cat.

Another Artist

Drew Young is an artist; his work, currently, focusses on lost and found adolescence. He paints and makes collages. (About) Some of his work is on his website and some is on his blog.

Another artist is Andrew Young. His work consists of come mixed media, metal or wood, and egg tempura. His subjects are usually nature based, like leaves or butterflies or flowers.

(On a completely different note, I found a funny group of pictures called “The 15 Best Staged Splash Mountain Photos”)

Nick Gentry

So, I found this person who makes art our of recycled materials like paintings on floppy discs. His name is Nick Gentry and he is a british artist; he makes portraits using combination of different obsolete media formats to make a point about waste culture, identity, and life. His work is supposed to represent the affects of cyber culture on society

All of his photos can be view on his Flickr or his website or on Facebook.

Funny Stumbling…

So it’s come to the point where every time I’m ‘stumbling’ my way through the nooks and crannies of the internet, I am always sent to pages of wedding pictures. The pictures are always absolutely gorgeous and sweet. I’ve decided that it would be fun to share some of these pages that I get sent to…


San Diego

Shabby Chic Wedding

Puerto Rico


The Astronomer and The Librarian